11 Jul 2018

Kit Malthouse appointed new Housing and Planning Minister

Kit Malthouse appointed new Housing and Planning Minister

Kit Malthouse MP has been appointed Housing and Planning Minister, following the promotion of Dominic Raab to the post of Secretary of State for Brexit.

Malthouse is the 17th planning minister in 20 years, and the eighth Conservative minister in just over eight years, since the party took power. Only two ministers were in post for the two-year mark. Malthouse follows Raab’s six month stint, which was preceeded by Alok Sharma – who held the post for seven months, after Gavin Barwell lost his seat in the elections.

Like Raab, Malthouse has no real background in housing policy having spent just seven months in Government following his time at Westminster Council. However, his role as a councillor in Westminster and his work with City Hall means that he has had considerable exposure to planning, and successfully campaigned for the strengthening of Neighbourhood plans.

In fact, local control over planning was one of his three mission statements for campaigning in the June 2017 elections, alongside education and support for small businesses, when he wrote on his website, “I want planning to be truly local”.

Commenting on his appointment, Malthouse said: “I am delighted to be appointed as Minister of State for Housing.

“Building the homes this country needs is a top priority for this government. I am keen to build on the real progress that has been made and start working with the sector so we can deliver more homes, restore the dream of home ownership and build a housing market fit for the future.”

While in his Facebook page video, he said: “It’s a massive job, and one which I’m relishing getting my teeth into. Driving house building: more, better, faster and cleverer across the country, driving home ownership and occupation so that your kids and mine have the chance to have the home that they want or dream of.”

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