31 Jul 2017

Bridport Cohousing applies for phase 2 planning permission


Bridport Cohousing has submitted a Phase 2 planning application to West Dorset District Council, for its 34-unit community housing project on Mead Lane, Bridport.

The cohousing group was granted initial planning permission for the site on Thursday 11th February 2016, after a seven year process.

The new proposal seeks consent for 28 affordable custom build houses and flats, nine of which will be affordable self-build plots, and an additional outdoor communal allotment. Half of the homes at the site will be housing association properties.

Bridport Cohousing has received assistance with the application from various local and national trusts, including Natural England, Flood Risk Management, the Highways Department and the Environment Agency, in hopes of strengthening its chances of approval.

If successful, the community housing collective will go ahead with the development of mixed-sized properties, ranging from one-bedroom flats to family houses and a high level of local social housing provision.

Zero-emissions heating systems, car pooling and electric bicycles are all part of the cohousing groups’ plans to create a sustainable, green neighborhood.

The community housing group received substantial pre-development funding from the Homes and Communities Agency, as well as funding from West Dorset District Council.

Words: Jen Grimble

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