10 Oct 2015

BuildStore launches custom build website for consumers

BuildStore's Custom Build Homes website

BuildStore’s Custom Build Homes website

Seflbuild specialist BuildStore has launched Custom Build Homes, a new consumer-focussed website about custom build. As well as marketing custom and self build sites with developer partners, the website has an educational element in that it explains the benefits and different models on offer in the market, together with a simple step-by-step guide to custom build. “Custom build has a large potential market from people who would otherwise buy a new home from the traditional build route, and the challenge is to get the message across to these people about the advantages of custom build ,” said Raymond Connor, Chief Executive of BuildStore.

In addition, BuildStore also has its own custom build register that people can sign up to, although it is awaiting final details of exactly what information must be maintained on a Local Authority Register to ensure compliance, once the new regulations come in. The information on BuildStore’s list will be available to local authorities free of charge.

BuildStore is also a leading finance supplier for the custom and self build market, and the site also explains the financial process of custom building using one of its products. “We need to get people to see finance for custom build as an overarching solution. At BuildStore we’re familiar with talking to self builders about stage payment mortgages, but I think this could put off people who’ve only ever considered a conventional mortgage before. We need to demystify it for the buyers,” said Connor.

A developer portal section of the website will also soon be added.

Editor’s comment

BuildStore’s new website is a welcome addition to the custom build sector. When talking to professionals that work in the market, again and again I hear them saying that the biggest challenge for custom build is to make people understand what it is and the benefits it brings. In the same way Custom Build Strategy brings the best of the sector to you, the professionals who make custom build happen, Custom Build Homes will help spread the message to the public. In turn, this will create greater understanding that will help convert interest into sales. More evidence of the growing strength of custom build.

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