18 Feb 2016

BuildStore’s custom and self build register reflects bouyant market

BuildStore’s custom and self build register reflects bouyant market

In January, BuildStore’s Custom Build Register saw an impressive spike of 2,180 new registrations of people saying they were interested in getting involved with building their own home.

The counties with the highest number of registrations were Wiltshire Council with 62 new registrations, Guildford Borough Council with 59 and Surrey County Council with 59. This brings a total of 25,178 people who have now registered for custom build with BuildStore.

From 1 April 2016 the Self Build and Custom Housebuilding Act will require all local authorities in England to maintain a register of interest for self and custom build. They have the option of running their own registers or they can choose to use a third party provider, such as BuildStore’s register. Currently, BuildStore manages the largest and most established national register of demand.

Editor’s comment

These figures reflect the groundswell of interest that custom build has as a route to home ownership. BuildStore’s growing register represents just a portion of the local authoritiy registers that are out there, and figures like this demonstrate that the Government’s target of 20,000 new custom and self build homes a year may actually be quite conservative. And we can expect even more registrations with the commencement of the the new legislation in April.

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