19 Sep 2015

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing and Planning announced

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing and Planning announced

In an effort to address the housebuilding crisis the Government has set up an All-Party Parliamentary Group to produce recommendations to boost housing supply in England.

A new cross-party focus group is to investigate the ways in which the country can address the shortfall in its housing supply, together with affordability. Chaired by Conservative MP James Cartlidge, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Housing and Planning also has a former housing minister, Conservative Mark Prisk, and a former town planner, Labour MP Helen Hayes, as two of its four vice chairs.

The other vice-chairs are Lord Richard Best (Cross Bench MP and President of the Local Government Association) and Stephen Pound MP (Labour MP for Ealing North), with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as the secretariat for the group.

The APPG is expected to produce a set of recommendations for how to boost house building in the UK, and it is hoped that custom build will be included as part of the mix to easing the shortfall.

Cartlidge said: “Housing is increasingly becoming one of the most critical policy challenges facing local and national government, and with a Housing Bill pending, it is likely to become more political and controversial.”

Editor’s comment

It is a measure of the gravity of our housing need that an All-Party Parliamentary Group has been set up. This is an advantage for the custom build sector, as it helps take a more considered look at long-term housing supply rather than the myopic approach of Government policy that’s restricted by a single party vision. The solution for our housing crisis must extend beyond the lifespan of a single Government term.

The remit of the group is to examine housing with a special focus on sustainability and affordability, and it is vital that custom build be factored in to this. This should be an opportunity to bolster the position of custom build homes with regards to the Coalition and Conservative Governments’ visions for house building, which supported diversity with custom build a vital element. I look forward to reading its recommendations.

Photo Derek Key/Creative Commons

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