04 Mar 2018

Government’s new Housing Implementation Taskforce set to bring on more UK housing

Government’s new Housing Implementation Taskforce set to bring on more UK housing

Government’s new Housing Implementation Taskforce is set to bring on more UK housing, as Prime Minister, Theresa May, chairs its inaugural meeting.

The Taskforce is formed from a cross-government working group with the first meeting taking place at Downing Street. The meeting was attended by the Chancellor Philip Hammond, the Minister of State for Housing, Dominic Raab, and several other key Cabinet members.

At the meeting, the ministers discussed the progress Government has already made with increasing the UK’s housing supply, and additional action required to meet its target. This included further financial investment, planning reform, the Housing White Paper, provisions for affordable housing and obtaining land.

The ministers also discussed how Homes England will drive change within the housing sector, focusing on the supply of new housing with public sector land sales, as well as promoting construction skills and building the necessary infrastructure for future developments.

Following in the footsteps of the National Custom and Self Build Association’s (NaCSBA) Right to Build Expert Task Force, this new Government group will support local authorities, community groups and other housing organisations across the UK to deliver large, affordable housing schemes, including self and custom build projects.

A Downing Street spokesperson commented: “She (May) stressed the integral role all Government departments have in helping to fix the broken housing market and deliver 300,000 additional homes by the mid-2020s.”

“The taskforce discussed the steps Government has already taken, including further investment at the Budget, planning reform, releasing land faster, the Housing White Paper and building more affordable housing.

“They emphasised the key role of Homes England in driving forward change, and also focused on the supply of new housing, public sector land sales, land banking, house-building skills and building the infrastructure needed for new housing developments.”

Words: Jen Grimble

Editor’s comment

Government is showing dedication to keeping its promise of delivering 300,000 new homes by the mid-2020. An expert panel like this can support councils and other organisations as they bring on their first large scale housing developments.

The Housing Implementation Taskforce could be pivotal in putting custom build on the mainstream housing map, both in England and across the whole nation, over the next few years.

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