04 Jan 2016

Graven Hill appoints new Managing Director

Graven Hill appoints new Managing Director

Philip Singleton has joined the Graven Hill Village Development Company as the new Managing Director. The appointment marks the start of the New Year for the project, with Singleton responsible for overseeing the delivery of the UK’s largest self and custom build project. His remit includes working with the board, developing team resources, focusing on the customer journey and making sure the company designs, creates and delivers a distinctive place.

A chartered architect, Singleton was most recently Chief Executive of Birmingham-based Millennium Point Trust and Millennium Point Property Limited. Previously he has also been a city design advisor for Birmingham City Council, as well director of its Big City Plan – an engine for change for Birmingham.

Speaking about the new role, Singleton commented that he was “especially attracted to the role because of the vision of Cherwell District Council in grasping the power to give people the real opportunity to create their own homes. The scale of the site is unparalleled, so we can deliver one of the most profound challenges to the normal design and construction of new homes in the UK.”

“It is quite a privilege to be working at such a scale adjacent to the growing town of Bicester, with both land and planning secured. Engaging with the design and manufacturing community is of utmost importance to us, so the self build and custom build market can deliver to our customers and our own projects, to satisfy the tangible market for people desiring their own home”



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