18 Dec 2017

Haddenham CLT submits planning application for 54-home development

Haddenham CLT submits planning application for 54-home development

Haddenham Community Land Trust (HCLT) has submitted a planning application to East Cambridge District Council, for its 54-home West End development.

Made up of local volunteers, HCLT was formed in order to give Haddenham residents more say in how the village develops, connecting local people with planning.

The project will see a mixture of properties, from bungalows to detached family homes, with 19 of the properties listed as affordable.

HCLT will purchase the 19 homes from Palace Green Homes for £1.5 million, with an affordability value of £2.7 million, but a market value £4.5 million.Haddenham CLT site plan

With limited financial resources, the CLT partnered with Palace Green Homes, a trading arm of East Cambridge District Council, to develop a housing scheme to benefit the community and simultaneously aid housing delivery targets.

After an initial call for land identified two possible sites for development, West End was selected following public consultations and a membership vote.

Palace Green Homes then assigned local local architects, Saunders Boston, to design the scheme and take it to planning stage.

Palace Green Homes will act as Managing Agents and Funders for the scheme, with HCLT financing the houses as they become available.

Any profit made by Palace Green Homes, which  are estimated to be around £2 million, will be returned to East Cambridgeshire District Council to benefit the wider county.

HCLT is intending to offer its 19 homes as rental opportunities, via an agreed Allocation Policy, but may make a few assisted purchases, to aid cash flow as the homes are completed.

Chris Ray, Trustee of HCLT, commented: “Haddenham CLT was created with support of the Parish Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council just under two years ago.

“The Parish Council felt there was a definite need to provide affordable homes for younger Haddenham families, who could not otherwise remain in the village where they had been bought up, due to the ‘Cambridge effect’ on house and private rental prices in the area.”

Kathryn Pedley, Architect at Saunders Boston, commented, “From the inception of this project, community involvement has been the key driver. This has resulted in a rigorous design process ensuring the final scheme not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the neighbouring residents and wider community.

“As a community-led development, the scheme is an exemplar for more inclusive and cohesive development, affording generous open-space provision and high-quality bespoke dwellings.

“It is also hoped that this development will be a model for future developments within the district, seeking to not only meet policy requirements but exceed standards and contribute positively to the existing local community.”

Haddenham Streetscenes

Words: Jen Grimble

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