20 Jul 2016

HomeMade at Heartlands custom homes site launches to public

HomeMade at Heartlands custom homes site launches to public

The Government’s pilot custom build scheme has officially launched with the marketing of the first six homes on the Cornish site. Carillion Igloo’s HomeMade at Heartlands website has gone live, explaining the process to the public, with the opportunity to find out more and register interest.

The site is innovating in custom build with its HomeManufacturer approach that gives buyers the choice of six designs with fixed manufacture teams in place. Customers will be able to select their design and plot, and then customise their homes, including layouts, finishes, fixtures and fittings. Price indications show that buyers will be able to purchase the plot and design a three-bed home from around £200,000, depending on their specification.

The first release is for a terrace of six plots for one of each of the HomeManufacturers: Balehaus, Dwelle, MyHouse, Lightbox House, LittleBig House and Potton. This will create an opportunity to build all the designs, allowing the teams to streamline both their processes for buildng and the consumer journey.

HomeMade at Heartlands

HomeMade at Heartlands consumer facing website

“We’ve adapted the Australian and Japanese concept of custom build ‘Housing Galleries’ by offering six pioneering purchasers the opportunity to buy a home from each of our six HomeManufacturers to create a custom build ‘Show Terrace’,” said Chris Brown, Excutive Chairman, Igloo Regeneration.

“We expect that completing this first phase will garner substantial media, consumer, Government and custom build investor interest and will contribute another step change in the continuing growth of the custom homes sector.”

Editor’s comment

It’s great to see Heartlands come to market – the anticipation has been considerable but inevitably with large custom build schemes the time from concept to marketing has been considerable. This is hardly surprising when you consider that schemes such as these represent true innovation in housing. HomeMade at Heartlands is doing something that we’ve never seen before in the UK, and I have no doubt that it will become a prototype for hassle-free large custom build sites in the future.

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