31 Oct 2017

Vote for RUSS CLT in the Aviva Community Fund and support cohousing training

Vote for RUSS CLT in the Aviva Community Fund and support cohousing training

RUSS (Rural Urban Synthesis Society) Community Land Trust is bidding for funding from the Aviva Community Fund to help the volunteer-led group run a series of workshops for would-be community self-builders. And it needs your votes to help it win its bid.

The Aviva Community Fund has selected RUSS as one of its entrants for community funding, with the possibility of a £5,000 grant to support its work.

But to be awarded the money the CLT needs to get as many votes as it can in the funding bid, which is where you can help support this worthy project.

Register to vote with the Aviva Community Fund and you’ll get 10 votes to share out, or award to a single project to help them win their funding bid – pass it on to your colleagues and associates to help make community cohousing happen at a local level.

RUSS’s model

RUSS has spent seven years developing an innovative way of delivering affordable and sustainable homes for people on low incomes.

Its model involves convincing councils and other landowners to donate land into a Community Land Trust, and it encourages homes to be designed with the active input of all the eventual occupants, giving it a custom homes ethos. In addition, residents are encouraged to get involved with construction to keep costs down.

Church Grove, it’s first 33-home project is due to start work in Lewisham in 2018, and should be completed by 2020, with over £1million already raised to get the project to this point.

Across the UK there are over 1,000 community organisations trying to find out how they can deliver similar projects. But there is little guidance or advice available to them, which is why RUSS is so committed to training other groups to help them bring their own community-led projects out of the ground.

Innovative in its approach to funding, RUSS recently crowd-funded to build a self-build training facility at it’s site in Lewisham, London. If it wins the £5,000 funding, the money will be used to fit out the training facility, enabling it to spread it’s work through a series of formal workshops.

Sign up to vote at the Aviva Community Fund and vote for RUSS now!

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