21 Oct 2015

New website set to help local authorities with Right To Build registers


A new website has been launched offering a service for English and Welsh local authorities to help them meet their obligations to host expression of interest registers for self and custom builders. Myrighttobuild.com has two components, one for local authorities and one for people who have an interest in building their own home. Individuals will then be able organise themselves into groups with interests in particular projects or sites.

Originally announced in the 2014 Budget under the previous coalition Government, Right to Build is an initiative to force the custom build agenda at a local level by giving prospective custom builders the right to a suitable plot of land to build a new home with the help of their local planning authority. This was made statutory under the Self and Custom Build Housing Act 2015, as well as a requirement for local authorities to ensure adequate land provision for those wishing to build their own home.

The website is designed to allow local authorities establish, manage and promote their own register, with the minimum of complicated planning on their side. Currently, prices start from £50 per month to set up and manage a local authority list.



One of the barriers to growth for custom build homes is the lack of knoweldge at a local level, both by the public but also within local authorities. The 11 Vanguard councils have done sterling work creating and sharing their own approaches to custom build and the creation of registers, but it’s good to see a simple product, such as myrighttobuild.com, enter the market to make it easier for local authorities to meet their statutory requirements.

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