21 Dec 2015

Opposition leads to withdrawal of Eccleshall custom build plans

Opposition leads to withdrawal of Eccleshall custom build plans

Czero Developments has temporarily withdrawn plans for a 10 zero-carbon home custom build site in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, which was originally submitted to Stafford Borough Council in September 2015.

At a public consultation the detailed planning application attracted adverse reactions from immediate neighbours, although Simon Linford of Czero Developments commented that it also generated significant interest in the custom build homes, both generally and in this location. This interest continues to build.

“Whilst we still hope to bring forward this development, we have currently withdrawn the formal planning application pending strategic level discussion with Stafford Borough Council’s planning department,” said Linford. “However at the moment the council is not making any attempts to address custom build demand, choosing to wait and see further detail on the legislation in due course.”

Editor’s comment

Local opposition to proposed housing developments is nothing unusual in the UK, but the reality is that we are in the grips of a housing shortage. Changes in Government policy reflect this, and residents need to face up to the fact that the areas in which they live need to grow if their children are to have the opportunity to live locally. But it’s important that developers work proactively with councils about how to meet this demand. Custom build is very attractive to many as it offers the chance to tailor a home to their needs, and also provides social capital in that it helps builds communities. Surely this is the type of development that should be encouraged?

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