06 Feb 2018

Right To Build Task Force and Fareham Borough Council consider custom build plot provision at Welborne Garden Village

Right To Build Task Force and Fareham Borough Council consider custom build plot provision at Welborne Garden Village

Welborne Garden Village could be the next garden community to benefit from the inclusion of custom and self-build plots, thanks to work by Fareham Borough Council, supported by the Right To Build Task Force.

The Task Force is working with Fareham BC on the potential for plots at the 6,000 Welborne Garden Village site in Fareham, Hampshire.

Fareham has adopted a percentage policy, meaning that all developments over 100 homes in the borough must contain at least 5% plots for custom and self-build, following the Teignbridge rule. Its Right To Build register requires a local link of two years prior to signing up, and has an annual £10 fee per person with a £20 initial joining fee.

In addition, it also set out its custom build expectations for Welborne in its Local Plan Part 3: The Welborne Plan document, which states: “Overall, it is expected that not less than 1% of all homes at Welborne should be delivered as custom build plots.”

At the start of February, Task Force Ambassador Richard Bacon MP and Task Force Director Mario Wolf met Council Leader Seán Woodward, Chief Executive Peter Grimwood and a range of councillors to discuss opportunities for Welborne Garden Village. Hopefully this will result in the inclusion of a sizable number of custom and self-build housing opportunities across the development.

The advice from the Task Force will inform the planning application for the future development of the Welborne Garden Village site by the promoters, Buckland Development Ltd.

Fareham Borough Council has 97 people signed up to its Right To Build register (Jan 2018), and its work with the RTB Task Force reflects its commitment to diversifying housing supply locally, giving its residents greater choice and incentivising people to move to the area with custom and self-build opportunities.

For Garden Communities, the inclusion of serviced plots is a way of nurturing strong community ties among residents who will have similar experiences of building, which can be vital on these large sites where people move into a new area simultaneously.

Richard Bacon MP, Chair of the APPG on Self-Build, Custom and Community Housebuilding and Placemaking and Ambassador for the Task Force said: “Developments such as Welborne Garden Village offer huge scope for bringing forward a range of well-designed housing options, and are therefore a logical choice to help meet local demand for people who want to build their own homes.

Cllr Seán Woodward, Leader of Fareham Borough Council, said: “We are working with the Task Force to deliver more affordable housing and offer home ownership options which will suit a variety of modern needs. This includes offering space at Welborne Garden Village where people can design and build their own homes. It also means bringing forward a policy stating that all housing sites of over 100 outside Welborne must contain at least 5% plots for self-build homes.”

Mario Wolf, Director of the RTB Task Force, said: “I am pleased that Fareham Borough Council has approached the Task Force for advice. Garden villages such as Welborne are well placed to include an ambitious and diverse Custom and Self-build housing offer to local communities. We look forward to working with the team at Fareham.”

Subsidised support

The Task Force is able to offer subsidised support for local authorities and community groups, to enable them to identify the best way they can meet the demand on their Right to Build registers. And with 33,000 now on the registers, the clock is ticking before the first tranche of permissions need to be granted by October 2019.

In its first year of operation, the Right To Build Task Force has had over 150 enquiries about supporting custom and self-build plot provision. So far, its larger scale successes have been with garden communities, including Tresham Garden Village and Aylesbury  Garden Village.

As large, carefully-planned communities, garden towns and villages offer huge scope for bringing forward a range of well-designed housing opportunities, with a mix of tenures.

Consequently, they are a logical choice to help meet local demand for people who want to build their own homes, whether through custom build, self-build or cohousing opportunities.

New Task Force Expert

The Task Force comprises a growing panel of experts to provide targeted support and advice on a wide range of issues, from strategic planning to sales and marketing of plots and community-led development opportunities.

It is also supported by Ambassador Richard Bacon MP who, along with his Deputy Ambassadors, are championing the work of the Task Force at political and community level. The Task Force is therefore delighted to announce that Councillor Richard Lewis of Leeds City Council is joining the Task Force as Deputy Ambassador.

Councillor Lewis, who is Executive Board Member responsible for Regeneration, Transport and Planning, comes to the Task Force with considerable experience, having championed Leeds’ Housing Growth Strategy and community-led Self-build housing opportunities in the city, such as the pioneering LILAC co-housing community of 20 eco-build households in West Leeds.

You can find out more about the Right To Build Task Force’s work at the South West Right to Build Expo: unlocking the potential of custom and self-build, Thursday 8 March, Westpoint Exeter, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, EX5 1DJ. Tickets available at Eventbrite.

Or visit the Right to Build Toolkit for help and advice.

Members of the public wanting to sign up to their own local register should visit the Right To Build Portal.




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