10 Oct 2017

Sajid Javid boosts Garden Towns with £2.5 million cash injection

Sajid Javid boosts Garden Towns with £2.5 million cash injection

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed a £2.5 million cash boost to speed up housing delivery on the new Garden Towns across England, helping to bring on the building of 155,000 homes.

Nine of the Garden Town developments will receive fast-track funding to help these locally-led developments to support large housing projects.

The Garden Towns are part of a wider raft of new Garden communities, including a city and villages, which Government sees as essential for driving local enterprise, employment and housing.

Garden town Funding allocation Proposed homes
Bicester £500,000 13,000 new homes
Basingstoke £95,000 10,000 new homes
Didcot £295,000 15,000 new homes
North Essex Garden Communities £700,000 43,000 new homes
North Northants Garden Communities £50,000 18,000 new homes
Otterpool Park, Shepway £155,000 12,000 new homes
Taunton £375,000 13,000 new homes
Aylesbury £155,000 15,000 new homes
Harlow & Gilston £175,000 16,000 new homes

The Garden Towns are expected to deliver high-quality , well-planned large communities that are showcases for good design and that will become examples of best practice.

The funding is intended to support the local government and communities in delivering these ambitious proposals, with an emphasis on speed of delivery, an important measure of success for Government.

Javid said: “Locally-led garden towns have enormous potential to deliver the homes that communities need. This new funding will help support the construction of more than 155,000 homes in nine places across the country.

“New communities not only deliver homes, but also bring new jobs and facilities and a big boost to local economies”

The announcement is further confirmation of Government’s commitment to its White Paper pledges, and follows up Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement of £10 billion Help to Buy boost and £2 billion for affordable homes.

Aylesbury Garden Town has already announced 165 custom build plots as part of the Aylesbury Woodlands development, being brought on by Buckinghamshire Advantage.

Editor’s comment

This announcement is a welcome boost for these innovative projects, as they represent much-needed scale. One of the most restrictive factors that bolsters high prices in housing is the sheer shortage of new homes, which also drives up rents.

I’ve said it before and will do so again, that Garden Towns, Cities and Villages represent an unmissable opportunity for custom build. Not only do they offer the perfect solution to their host councils’ Right To Build Registers, but they offer a golden opportunity for custom build.

Being planned from scratch means that innovative and diversified housing models should, and must, be included on Garden Towns. These will help cement community, which is vital in a new town with no existing relations in place. It’s a fast track to a happy living environment.

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